Gifts For Camping Couples

Sometimes, the best things come in pairs–like yourself and your significant other, or your partnered friends who are out at a different park each weekend, or even, perhaps, your parents. I put together this list of car-camping gear that’s best enjoyed with your favorite person just in time for Valentine’s Day.

If you (or your friends, or your parents) aren’t into gear, how about a gift card? Outdoor retailers like REI, Cabela’s, etc. are traditional (and appreciated) options, but I’d also like to make a suggestion and propose gift cards/credit to AirBnB or Vrbo. My partner, Dave, found a romantic cabin on AirBnB last year that was a perfect “outdoorsy” getaway from our jobs and the pandemic without being a big camping trip where we had to pack a ton of gear.

That being said, if you’re looking for something you can wrap up and deliver (or order and send through the mail), let’s get on with the gift list!

Kelty Loveseat Camping Chair ($115) – this double camp chair also comes in a low version, which shaves off about a pound of weight. Personally, I’d go with the standard-height version that won’t wreck someone’s knees getting up and down; since no one in their right mind would strap on a fifteen-pound loveseat and hike off into the backcountry, this piece of camp furniture will likely only ever used for car camping, or perhaps hauled into a picnic area from a nearby parking lot.

Rumpl Original Puffy Blanket ($99), or Kelty Insulated Bestie Blanket ($53) – the Rumpl is a little more rugged than the Kelty, but both blankets are comfortable and great for lounging. The Rumpl boasts a water-resistant coating and is created from 100% post-cosumer polyester; the Kelty is filled with Cloudloft insulation and is made from polyester taffeta and pongee. For a little more money, you can get the Rumpl in “double size”, and the Kelty “Bestie BFF” for even more room to snuggle up. I have the Kelty Bestie pictured here, and it’s the perfect lap blanket for sitting by the campfire or laying in the hammock.

Eno DoubleNest Hammock ($60) – ENO’s classic double hammock comes highly recommended and is available in a variety of colors (including some special editions). You’ll need to purchase a suspension system to hang the hammock as well (try the ENO Atlas ($30), perhaps paired with the ENO Atlas EXT ($18) for trees that are spaced further apart; ENO also offers the Atlas XL at some retailers). The DoubleNest and Atlas straps are rated for up to 400 pounds of weight, and the hammock provides ample room to hang with your bestie.

(I can personally vouch for ENO’s durability: my ENO TechNest double hammock, which is even more lightweight than the DoubleNest, holds my boyfriend and I up just fine, and we’re not exactly small people. Rough calculations say we’re probably within twenty pounds or so of its 400-pound weight rating.)

Coleman Tandem 3-in-1 Big And Tall 45F Double Sleeping Bag ($70) – This fair-weather car camping bag is oversized enough to comfortably fit two adults up to 6’4″ tall. It also comes apart and zips into two separate bags, so you won’t have to buy other bags for individual trips. However, with a temperature rating of only 45 degrees Fahrenheit, you’ll be counting solely on your sleeping partner’s body heat for warmth if you try to use it in cooler temps.

Hikenture Inflatable Double Sleeping Pad ($90) – To go with the sleeping bag above, or for use on it’s own! Several reviewers have used this pad in the back of vehicle, which would make it a great addition to your drive-in movie gear if you have a liftgate SUV or a pickup truck. It comes with a pump sack for easy inflation (could you imagine having to blow it up with your mouth?!) and inflates to 3.75 inches to provide a comfortable surface or sleeping or lounging.

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Tori Brenneison is a software developer/art historian from Cleveland, OH, USA. She loves anything outdoors, but especially hiking, camping, and off-roading.

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